Selection process
The selection process involves evaluating and hiring qualified applicants for open positions. A specific methodology is used for collecting information about an applicant in order to determine if that individual should be hired.
Client need assessment
» Defining objectives and specifications
» Standing client's business and culture
» Understanding the job/position specifications
» Understanding roles and responsibilities of the prospective candidate Developing a search plan and review with the client
Candidate Identification
» Identifying target sources
» Extensive organization mapping, research & database search of the profile
» Providing status report to client about the available talent pool
Candidate assessment and Presentation
» Screening and evaluate candidates
» Personal Interviews with Candidates wherever possible - assess skills, interest level and cultural fit
» Discuss the shortlist with the client and send resumes
Candidate interview, selection & Presentation of Offer
» Facilitating interviews with the client
» Obtaining feedback
» Participating in decision making process
» Providing inputs on candidate's desired compensation
Closure & Follow up
» Negotiating offer acceptance
» Executing Reference check, Compensation & Job Level Discussions
» Coordinating Joining Formalities and on boarding as per predefined date
» Closing review to understand client's level of satisfaction